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Monday April 16, 2007

me + alex quit google. (dodgeball forever!!!!)

So.... Alex and I quit Google on Friday.

It's no real secret that Google wasn't supporting dodgeball the way we expected. The whole experience was incredibly frustrating for us - especially as we couldn't convince them that dodgeball was worth engineering resources, leaving us to watch as other startups got to innovate in the mobile + social space. And while it was a tough decision (and really disappointing) to walk away from dodgeball, I'm actually looking forward to getting to work on other projects again.

So, what's next? Starting today (Monday!) I'm joining the kids at area/code who are knee-deep in building all sorts of Big Games (remember PacManhattan? ConQwest?). Alex is moving on to IconNicholson where he took a gig as a Creative Strategist focusing on mobile and emerging technologies. (And sorry, but I don't know what Google has planned for dodgeball going forward.)

ps: Clear your calendar for next Saturday (April 21). A whole crew of us are dj'ing to celebrate our escape. (details + invite coming soon)

Mon 4/16 @ 12:12 AM | # link| Comments (20)
what the kids are saying:   (sorry, due to spam I turned off comments

From: TWB
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 2:10 AM

Good luck bro!

From: AjiNIMC - Gmail a part of my personal nerve center
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 9:08 AM

Very rare event, good luck.
From: san
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 9:43 AM

good luck and all the best stranger! u guys are talented so walk into a new horizon and of course, screw google :)
From: Zoran
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 10:49 AM

IMHO Google is not best place for entrepreneurs to work and *before* acquisition they should leave the project, cache-out and go to next one.
From: Shree..\
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 12:27 PM

Hey Dens, Good luck to you and Alex! I've been an avid fan of dodgeball for long time.. Hope you'll come out with more fun stuff in the near future.. I think you've made the right move.. Best Shree..\
From: hungry giant
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 12:38 PM

boooo, no more google lunch
From: yah
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 3:27 PM

Stop crying and create a company that really does something useful. It's funny, every nerd here tries to create a company with the only goal of being adquired (bought or absorved) by Google. If they don't get enough money or enough "hype" on the process then Google "is evil, is a waste of time, shows no respect for us, blah blah blah". Pfff ... i'm getting sick of this. Really. Instead crying and ranting with foolish photographs TRY to create something interesting. Did anybody put a gun on your head and force you to sell Dodgeball to Google?. So, Shut The Fuck Up.
From: Anon
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 4:14 PM

"we couldn't convince them that dodgeball was worth engineering resources" I thought Google allowed their engineers to spend 20% of their time on any project they wanted... you couldn't convince any engineer to spend time on your project?
From: Gam
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 4:32 PM

Google didn't know what they had in you. To bad for them
From: csw
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 6:01 PM

How strange, only three days earlier at a Google presentation on mobile device web app design, I asked about Google's interest in the social and what would become of dodgeball. And now I know.
From: Pauline
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 6:45 PM

A bold move. Good luck!
From: Smiley
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 9:36 PM

What the....??? Oh really? thats great leave google and come to mycutegalaxy! it is a social networking for cuties so if you are cute, come right in but if you're not run far away. lol And seriously, why do all these guys sell their projects? Did they say it is wise? Boy ya better keep your company and groom it to the top...well, wish you guys good luck in your new ventures! Smiley
From: Rob Kost
Date: Mon Apr. 16 @ 10:55 PM

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From: gsm900
Date: Tue Apr. 17 @ 2:19 AM

Azt hittem a google nem ilyen !
From: boomer
Date: Tue Apr. 17 @ 2:20 AM

congrats on the move, and have fun. hope you filled your pockets with free candy before you quit ;) -cb p.s. this is the best comment spam ever! like its been curated.
From: Right_is_Right
Date: Wed Apr. 18 @ 9:52 AM

I agree with yah. STFU and quit crying. What a bunch of spoiled brats...
From: dB.
Date: Thu Apr. 19 @ 1:23 AM

I knew it was coming. It should be a good story for all those that are dying to sell their little startup to the new Evil Empire.
From: Stefan Wessels
Date: Thu Apr. 19 @ 11:11 AM

hey guys awesome! i guess this is the way you learn, at least you have succeeded on one level and had the balls to step away. i'm sure we have not heard or seen the last of you! best of luck with the future, the good thing is that there is still plenty of place to do amazing things in mobile, the only tip i can give is to come to Asia where things are really taking off bigtime! dodgeball is dead long live the thinkers
From: bs
Date: Thu Apr. 19 @ 11:16 PM

dens, we always knew that dodgeball was just the beginning. i, for one, am really looking forward to chapter 2.
From: Laura
Date: Fri Apr. 20 @ 11:17 AM

Was there a clause in the contract when you sold to Google that you had to stay for a certain period of time? And now that is over?
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