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Thursday October 27, 2005

Save Krucoff fundraiser (aka Animal Magazine launch party)

Quick recap of the Animal Magazine launch party last night @ BLVD. Met up with Becca + Krucoff + Andrew.S + Kevin for a drink @ Loreley around 8p before slipping by the BLVD velvet rope with our VIP buttons (huh?). Who knew, but the whole thing had some kind of "Save Krucoff" theme.

Cute Girl was handing out buttons at the door. "Suggested donation $1. Almost all proceeds will go to Andrew Krucoff."

I only counted $2.00.

How clever. (Again, in case you have no idea what any of this means.)

(VIP button = the little one. Certainly not the 'Krucoff' one.)

Free drinks = crowded. Andrew.S called it quits almost immediately.

John Carney showed up later on with his entourage of guys with ties. We snagged this table and instead of bottle service...

ps: only reason I snapped this pic was because of Johnny Red Lens in the background. Is he for real?

... we got hooked up with Heineken Mini Keg service!

It wasn't long before Will figured out the keg spout twisted around, which lead to this.

Which of course led to this. (you can thank Brian Van for the pic)

My digicam takes much crappier pics. Special guest Jenny.C in the background.

B.Diz sporting the season's must have Save Krucoff attire .

Krucoff, some dude is all up in yer girl's business! Hit him!

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From: dave
Date: Thu Oct. 27 @ 7:02 PM

Hi Dennis, I like what you're doing. The website is really well done, and the blog is brilliant. It gets more interesting and funny with every post. I am getting to be an addict of what your friends and you are getting up to! (-: dave New York is definitely one of the places I would like to live one day.

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